5 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Kitchen

You have just moved into a new home and the page is white to create a kitchen from A to Z? Or on the contrary, you would like to give a facelift to a tired kitchen by rethinking its arrangement? Everest Granite; a leading supplier of marble and granite in Montreal gives you the top 5 mistakes to avoid when planning your kitchen!

#1: Too small   

Difficult to project during work. For a kitchen, it’s the essential!

The dimensions should be generous as much as possible, depending on the available surface. We are talking here as well about the width of the aisle as the dimensions of the work plans or the number of storage spaces. Expect even more space in the case of creating a central island to circulate. And if you miss the place, think of the kitchen counter!

#2: Emphasize aesthetics at the expense of practice  

Obviously, nobody wants to choose between a beautiful kitchen and a practical kitchen! However, the second aspect must remain your conductive line during the development work.

Beauty is subjective and your kitchen is not meant to look like an IKEA® advertisement. As you are likely to visit at least twice a day, it is essential that it is adapted to your cooking style and that you can easily find what you need. The only principle to respect, if any, is the triangle of activity.

It is an area that combines the three main functions of a kitchen: preparation cooking, washing, and storage-storage. Nothing should hinder the movement between these three poles.

#3: Neglecting the ventilation  

Due to the water vapor released by the preparation of meals, smoke, and odors, it is essential to put the package on the ventilation side! Your kitchen, especially the ceiling and furniture materials, will stay in good condition for much longer than if the air is not renewed.

#4: Do not plan enough electrical outlets  

The trend is towards the multiplication of cooking robots, machines to prepare espressos, teas, juice extractors, etc.

Yes, except that, if your kitchen is already a little old, it is quite possible that electrical outlets are missing. It is also dangerous to install an extension with a power strip because you can get your feet in or reverse a liquid on it!

The first thing is to upgrade your electrical installation if it has not already been done. Then you can plan worktops, a bar or a central island with integrated electrical outlets. As a general rule, it is better to plan too much catch than not enough!

#5: Want to do everything yourself  


Not surprisingly, the most complicated rooms to renovate are the kitchen and the bathroom. Indeed, the electrical installation or the plumbing is not eternal and require upgrades to standards for your safety and comfort. Also, our lifestyle and tastes can change considerably from one decade to the next.

Who could have foreseen the return of the cement tiles, or the success of the central island? Unless you are an ultra-skilled handyman, you cannot do everything yourself, help and expertise are always welcome!