A Beginner’s Guide to Helping the Environment

Global warming and climate change are undeniably huge factors that affect the environment around the globe. As a matter of fact, numerous studies show that carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases have been increasing in the past years. Should this growing problem go unnoticed, the Earth is at risk for becoming a “hothouse” and all the natural systems could go haywire.

To help address this issue, it is important to enjoin everyone from participating in aggressive movements like solar installation in Brisbane, reducing the use of plastics and practice recycling. This could remedy the situation. Through small ways, even kids can contribute to these efforts.

Reduce Plastic Use and Consumption

One of the biggest factors which affect global warming today is the constant use and consumption of plastic. Everywhere you go, plastic creations are constantly in the rotation – from hygiene and cosmetic products, food containers, packaging and many others. Besides releasing harmful and toxic greenhouse gases, plastics are also the number one polluter of the seas. This has led to various marine animals suffering and being tortured, often leading to suffocation and death.

Because of this, it is important to eliminate the use of these vile products. Whilst it can be difficult, this lifestyle change is not at all impossible. With the limelight eliminating plastics, zero-waste stores have been popping up left and right. Even famous stores around the world have been jumping on this trend, including Lush Cosmetics and other supermarkets. These businesses aim to bring awareness not only to recycling but also highlighting minimalism and sustainability.

Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry remains to be one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Despite providing ethical choices, there seems to be a lack of sustainable options in the market. This leaves consumers confused on whether to buy new clothes or if they need to stop enjoying fashion altogether.

To embark on this new journey, consider donating or even selling clothes to thrift shops. Some retail stores like H&M take in used clothes and use these to create something new. Another advice beginners can take is buying something they can wear multiple times. This means purchasing items that can go with other articles in their closet.

Lastly, consumers are advised to shop consciously. This is a great way to highlight the artists and the ingenuity of creatives in the local scene. Not only are these more affordable, these provide livelihood to many individuals as well.

Go Solar

Perhaps a more lasting solution to global warming is going solar. Studies suggest that having a solar installation can do wonders for the environment as well as your monthly energy bill. Besides saving hundreds of dollars every month by changing to Sunshine Coast solar hot water systems instead of an electric or gas hot water, the return of investment pays off in the end. In as little as 5 years, consumers can regain their investment.

An overhaul and a lifestyle change can be particularly challenging. However, there needs to be a conscious effort in order to do these actions every day. In the end, by incorporating these tips, you, too, can make a change in this world one step at a time.

Author: Carrie Sze