A Guide to the Different Types of Freestanding Bathtubs

A freestanding tub always makes a statement and adds a breathtaking and wow factor to any bathroom. Thus, it is always in high demand and eternally popular amongst customers. They almost inevitably become any bathroom’s focal point. It is thus necessary to choose its right variety and fit. Let’s look into some of their popular types.

  • Clawfoot

Reminding you of the Victorian era; Clawfoot bathtubs are a traditional element dressed in a modern way. Placement of the freestanding bathtub, its height, feet, and even its faucet designs are essential points of consideration for a perfect ooze which blends well with the rest of bathroom décor. They are commonly available with as a single slipper, single-ended, double slipper and double ended designs. The sizes can also vary from 48 inches to 72 inches.

  • Pedestal

Also popular as skirted tubs; these bathtubs are quite similar to the clawfoot model but differ in having a different type of base. The tub tends to rest on a plinth instead of a clawfoot. Its style variations are similar to the clawfoot. It is an excellent option for all those who desire an eclectic mix of the vintage and the modern bath. Despite having a roll-top edge; it flaunts of a foundation for a spa-like feel.

  • Whirlpool

It is yet another modern innovation of the freestanding tub. Giving you a hydromassage; it yields a true spa-like experience at home. Unlike the traditional models; these have glass panels and are more often than not in a streamline shape and aesthetics. Their standout feature is the relaxation they bring to all your five senses and the body with its hydromassage systems and even lighting systems. A soak in this bathtub will relieve all aching bones and sore body parts.

Knowing these types, you can easily select the one that is the most convenient for you.