Business Travel With Just a Carry-on

Do you have a jet-setting job that sends you across the country at a moment’s notice? All those hours spent at airport Baggage Claim areas can add up. A better way to travel is to ditch the check-in luggage. If you compress everything you need into a carry-on, you can roll out of the airport as soon as the plane touches down. Here’s how to pare your packing list to the minimum without leaving anything vital behind:

Travel Size Your Toiletries

It’s vital that you stick to TSA regulations here. That’s three ounces or less of liquids or gels, and all toiletries need to fit into a quart-sized plastic bag. Remember that you can find full sized bottles of many toiletries in your destination city.

Choose Your Outfits Wisely

Pair mix and match basics with bright or stylish accessories to change up the look. Look for day to night outfits. Reach for materials that can be rolled or folded. Wrinkle and stain resistant fabrics are a good choice here.

Multi-Use Chargers

Look for a charging dock that plugs into a wall and lets you charge multiple devices. This saves space and you’ll only need to remember to grab one thing.

Use Storage Cubes

These zippered cloth or mesh pouches let you make the most of your carry-on space. They compress clothes and separate different items, keeping you organized.

Plan Ahead for Dry Cleaning

Try to get this important detail figured out ahead of time so there’s no last-minute scramble. Some hotels offer dry cleaning services. Otherwise, research dry cleaning businesses with good reviews and delivery/pickup. Don’t forget to ask about fees and turnaround times.

Digitize It

Every ounce counts when it comes to carry-on business travel. See if you can ditch books or printed reports for .pdfs and an e-reader. You may also be able to use paperless plane tickets or hotel reservations. Here you’ll just scan in a code from your phone.

See What Your Hotel Offers

Many hotels, especially those that cater to business travelers, will offer a wide range of amenities for their guests. These often include:

  • workout rooms (no need to pack fitness bands)
  • welcome baskets of toiletries (ask what’s provided, so you don’t end up packing it)
  • hair dryers
  • irons and ironing boards
  • room service meals that cater to special diets

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