Discover The Best Tile Ideas For The Small Bathroom!

Renovating the bathroom comes with a few challenges. The idea is to balance both function and style, ensuring that the final look feels better than the existing setup. One of the critical aspects in that context is the selection of tiles. For smaller bathroom, you have to consider “purpose” for each choice. In this post, we will guide you on the best tile ideas for the smaller bathrooms.

Start with the size

There’s an unsaid rule that large tiles only work for larger spaces, and that might not be completely true. While smaller tiles handle curves better, you can consider large tiles to get that illusion of space.

Always select a good supplier

If you want to find more choices and try some of the trending designs, go for a known option, such as Carreaux Metro tuiles pour salle de bain. Many suppliers also handle installation, so you can rely on them to get the project done. Of course, ask for a price for your selected tiles and get an overall estimate for the job.

Consider tiles for all walls

Tiling the bathroom from floor to ceiling is one of the better and practical ideas for the bathroom. Steam and water can actually damage paint and textured wallpapers, and the good thing is you don’t extremely hard tiles for the walls. For the uninitiated, tiles are rated from one to zero on the scale of hardness, and any ceramic or porcelain tile that’s rated zero or one is great for the walls.

Go for the sober colors

You would want the bathroom to be a calming place to have a nice bubble bath. While popup shades work wonders for the kitchen and living areas, bathroom tile should be minimal at best. Consider shades of grey and black if possible, which also simplifies maintenance. Anthracite and grey are trending choices.

Have an accenting tiled wall

If you still want to add some variety to the bathroom, create an accenting wall with tiles. For example, one of the walls of the bathroom can have complete black tiles, where you can place the mirror, while the other walls can be grey. An accenting wall just makes smaller bathrooms feel a lot bigger visually, and consider adding an extra big mirror for enhancing that effect.

Check online now to find the best bathroom tiles suppliers in your area and find more on the materials, types and designs they have.