Four Tips to Keep in Mind when Planning a Hotel Renovation

If you have been a running a hotel for a long time, you know that it is important to renovate from time to time. More than just your quality hospitality services, guests expect hotels to be perfectly renovated and maintained.  Even a single flaw in your hotel room can already turn off guests, so ensure you are always on top of everything in terms of the overall look and appeal of your hotel.

Fortunately, a hotel renovation should not be something you dread despite the planning, effort, and resources it requires. Before you start the project, ensure you keep the following tips in mind:

Spend a Serious Amount of Time Planning the Project

When renovating your hotel, you must make a clear, precise, and detailed plan. The plan must include when to start and end the project. The project should be carried out without causing significant disruption to your guests. Other aspects to plan for include getting your finances in order, obtaining necessary permits, consulting with design experts, and determining the overall renovation cost. If you want some help in the planning process, consider getting the renovation with Renovco. With Renovco rénovation, everything from the smallest to the biggest details is planned out well.  

Work Only with the Pros

The cost of renovating a hotel can be high; however, this can go higher when you try to cut corners by hiring undependable contractors. Ensure you hire only professional renovators to carry out the project. Everybody from the project manager to the architect and general contractor must be top-notch.

Maintain Clear Communication

Hotel renovation costs can easily rise without clear communication within the working team. For instance, if the wall coverings need to be in by Tuesday and your contractor scheduled them to arrive on Thursday, this can seriously cause workflow disruption, costing days of productivity. With a clear communication among everyone who is working on the project, you can be sure things go as planned. You can facilitate better communication by conducting regular meetings to talk about problems and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Have a Contingency Budget

Sometimes, no matter how we plan, surprises can emerge from nowhere. These surprises will usually affect your original hotel renovation budget. This makes it important to have a budget for any unexpected issues, usually an extra 5% of your overall budget. Your flexibility will surely go a long way in ensuring your project is completed as planned.