How to Maintain Your Chainsaw Bar to Extend its Life?

A chainsaw is a power-driven tool which is primarily used to cut woods and logs. Its cutting operation is determined by many factors. One such consideration is its bar which is often called as the guide bar. It is long and rounded in shape and often made of wear-resistant alloy steel. It has edged slots which help in guiding the saw along the surface that it cuts. It also supports the chain. As it does a major work, not only should it properly match the chainsaw but it must also be taken special care of. Let’s check out its maintenance tips.

  • Inspect for wear and tear

The bar suffers plenty of abuse, and thus it can get worn out, mainly from two places- the top side of the bar rails and the surfaces inside the rails. It should be observed and scrutinized minutely for any wear and tear, and necessary repairs must be carried out immediately. If broken or chipped, they must be replaced by another best chainsaw bar at an authentic website. For more information, check out your URL is


  • Grind the bar rails


Because of high-pressure cutting, the top of the bar rails tends to wear out. Due to this, the chain does not sit square on the bar. Grinding the top of the rails with a special grinder evens it back and makes it perpendicular to the side of the bar.

  • Clean the bars

After using the chainsaw, the bars must always be cleaned of any woodchips. It can be done using a groove cleaner, a screwdriver or even a pocket knife. The chain oil hole must also be well cleaned, and not a single dust particle should remain there.

  • Check the nose wheels

The nose wheels must be checked to ensure that they are not loose. If they have gone loose; you must immediately replace the bar.

Chainsaw bars not only require regular cleaning and maintenance but replacements as well to keep the chainsaw in top condition.