The Difference Between Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Indeed, it is difficult to choose one from the ceramic and porcelain tiles. All house owners often get confused to determine which one is the best between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles because both have abundant benefits, durability and above all unique and good for health in terms of hygiene and sanitation and affordable. Anyone at any given situation gets puzzled of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles because they look almost similar to each other. Get associated with Carreaux Metro for the best from either or ceramic and porcelain tiles for your dream house.

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Though ceramic and porcelain tiles are similar in the look you can certainly find out plenty of potential noticeable difference if you give a close look. The basic difference between ceramic and porcelain you can make from their look is porcelain tile is less porous and denser than the ceramic tile. The porcelain tiles are denser because of their manufacturing factors. The qualitative difference between the two is porcelain tiles are better for both interiors as well as exterior applications. However, ceramic tiles are highly recommended for interior walls and floors. The porcelain tiles are more suitable for heavy traffic places because they can withstand the busy and crowded atmospheres of commercial places as well as residential kitchen floors and hallways. The most important about porcelain is they are highly resistant for scratching and chipping.

The ceramic is amorphous, crystalline and inorganic whereas porcelain is a type of ceramic produced by the fusion of clays. Ceramic does not come under full vitrification and if not glazed, remains porous, but the porcelain can be fully vitrified and gets glazing and impermeable. The porcelain has a higher level of kaolin whereas ceramic has a lower level of kaolin. 

Both have a higher level of water absorption ratio. Porcelain is very expensive, but ceramic is not or less. Porcelain is durable to a greater extent, but ceramic is not so durable in comparison to porcelain. While cutting both the ceramic and porcelain, you will find ceramic is easier to cut because it is less dense in comparison to porcelain. But you will find porcelain difficult to cut because they are heavier.  

Both the ceramic tiles as well as porcelain are good but you every reason to choose porcelain over ceramic tiles. The porcelain because of its higher density has higher resistance against any liquid penetration. Besides this, the porcelain is also highly stained resistant, and has a greater absorption rate and eventually more durable than its counterpart ceramic tiles.