Tips for decorating a waterfront home

Your waterfront home should be as unique as you are. But how can you decorate it to accentuate its best features? Here are a few tips to decorating Rockport homes on the waterfront — whether you already own one or are still looking for the perfect property.

Bring Out the Natural Beauty of the Waterfront

Coastal properties tend to have a similar aesthetic for a reason. When you have the beauty of a waterfront close to you, you don’t want to distract from it with bright colors or clashing tones. Waterfront properties are often decorated in neutral colors for this reason. Bright whites, light sand, and pale pastels tend to work best with the natural waterfront.

Focus Your Lines and Accents on Your Scenic Views

The windows of your waterfront property will likely be the most visually pleasing area of the home. Situate your furniture and decor in order to call attention to these windows, by planning your room around the windows and avoiding any disruptions. The right window dressings will be able to accent your view without distracting from the view.

Try Not to Get Too Themed

It’s common to decorate a waterfront home with water themed items, such as nautical decorations, shells, sand, and other similar displays. This can be a little too “on the nose” for many homes and can also lock you into a certain decor. If you want your home to truly be unique, avoid “obvious” water themed items — instead, focus on a few accent pieces you truly love.

Are you considering the purchase of a waterfront home? To find out more information about the advantages of waterfront homes — in addition to their unique looks and designs — contact the experts at Rockport Properties.